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Have Fun, Don't Break the Bank

As we mentioned in our first post, Karst Games LLC is striving to provide experiences that are social, affordable, and physically active. Let's talk about why we think affordable is important. On average, U.S. Households have $8,284 in credit card debt. (, The Average American Household has $8,284 in Credit Card Debt). With massive student loan debt, Millennials find themselves in particularly difficult financial situations. Today, almost 45 million student loan borrowers owe $1.5 trillion collectively. (, 2018 Student Loan Debt Statistics). In 2016, college graduates left school with an average of $28,446 in student debt. Between 2005 and 2014 student loan debt put homeownership out of reach for 400,000 Americans in their twenties and thirties. (, Student Debt has kept home ownership out of reach for 400,000 young families, Fed reports).

While we can't erase anyone's student loan or credit card debt, we can provide experiences that are easy on your wallet. Our first app, Atropine, is meant to be played by four people. Only one of the four needs to download the app. It's about an hour of working with your friends to solve a series of puzzles in downtown Jefferson City. One of the best parts, it's only $5.99. Think about that. Jefferson City now has a way to entertain four people for an hour for six bucks. What does it cost to take four people to see a movie, to play mini-golf, or go out for dinner? It's got to be more than $6, right?

We hope you'll take advantage of what we're offering in Jefferson City. If you want to check out our app, Atropine, follow this link.

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