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How Do You Deliver an Adventure to My Pocket?

We have developed experiences that take players out into the real world and challenge them to solve puzzles made using the environment around them. Our puzzles are delivered and solved using a smartphone. We call these experiences "Mobile Knots".

What is a Knot?

Everyone has dealt with knots. We find them in cords, in rope, and in our hair.

Why Use the Term 'Knot' Here?

Knots represent problems to be solved and obstacles to be overcome.  Karst Games provides adventures that consist of a series of challenges and problems that users must overcome and solve.

What is a Mobile Knot?

A Mobile Knot is an adventure that you can experience using your mobile device.  You'll download an app to your iPhone or access our game using the texting application and web browser built right into your phone.  Our games will tell you where to start and your adventure will begin. On your adventure you will solve a series of puzzles.

Why would I go somewhere outside?

Mobile Knots use landmarks, monuments, statues, placards, street names, etc. to provide clues that help you solve the puzzles that make up the knot. To play the game and solve the puzzles you need to be in the right location.  

Can I play with other people?

Yes!  Our experiences are designed to be played in groups of 2 to 4 people, but any number of people could play our games.

Is Android Supported?

Right now, Atropine is only on iPhone.  Android users can play Absent Evidence and Not the Best Man.  To play Atropine, the group only needs one iPhone.  However, since you can include up to three people via text messaging only one person in your group of four needs to have an iPhone.  We plan to more fully support android in the future.

What Adventures do you have?

Karst Games just launched its first Mobile Knot, Atropine, on the Apple App store.  Learn more about it here.  

Can I play with kids?

Currently our Mobile Knots are intended for individuals age 13 and above.